About Us

The Association for the Rhetoric of Science, Technology, and Medicine (ARSTM) seeks to provide an international forum for researchers, teachers, and students interested in the rhetorical dimensions of science, technology, and medicine. ARSTM was founded in 1992 by scholars at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Iowa who began meeting in conjunction with the annual meeting of the National Communication Association (NCA).

Since then, ARSTM has hosted day-long conferences in conjunction with the annual meeting of the NCA, and more recently, has hosted concurrent meetings with the biennial conferences of the Rhetoric Society of America (RSA). In addition, ARSTM hosts panels and papers at the NCA conference. Originally called the American Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology (AARST), in November 2006 members voted unanimously to rename the organization to the Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology in order to better reflect the international nature of its membership and intellectual concerns; in November 2015 members voted to change ARST to ARSTM to acknowledge the growing emphasis on rhetoric of medicine within the organization.

Affiliate Organizations

We are proud affiliates of the following organizations:

National Communication Association

Rhetoric Society of America



Zoltan Majdik, North Dakota State University

First Vice-President

Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher (formerly Kelly), University of Waterloo

Second Vice-President

Emily Winderman, North Carolina State University


Nathan Johnson, University of South Florida

Email: secretary@arstmonline.org


William J. White, Pennsylvania State University–Altoona

Email: treasurer@arstmonline.org

Apprentice Treasurer

Adele Hite, North Carolina State University

Web Administrator

Lauren Cagle, University of Kentucky

Email: webadmin@arstmonline.org

Social Media Officer

Aimee Roundtree, Texas State University

Board of Directors

  • David Depew, University of Iowa
  • William Keith, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • Lisa Keränen, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • John Lynch, University of Cincinnati
  • Lynda Walsh, University of Nevada, Reno
  • James Wynn, Carnegie-Mellon University